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To tea or not to Tea? Facts your need to know about your Tea


To tea or not to tea? That is the question. 

Tea has been around for centuries, and it is a crucial aspect of our daily routines. We all love to start the day with a steaming cup of tea, don't we? Not only is it refreshing but also it has transformed into an important family ritual.
Today, with over 3000 varieties of tea, everyone has their personal preference to choose from. With its numerous flavors and fragrances, you can pick the perfect tea to revitalize your taste buds!
Let us dive into a few interesting facts about this beverage!

Tea is a great Immunity booster:
Tea consists of polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants that help repair cells. Through this, it can help our bodies fend off pathogens and infections. Contrary to popular opinion, green tea is not the only immunity-boosting tea. Other teas such as black tea, white tea in red tea also contain important polyphenols and flavonoids that offer many health benefits.

Less ‘caffeine crush’ 
Yes, that's correct! When consuming tea, you are not likely to get a caffeine crush as opposed to when you consume coffee or soft drinks. This is due to the elevated levels of antioxidants present in tea that further slow the absorption of caffeine. As a result, there is a gradual, gentle increase of caffeine in your body, coupled with longer durations of alertness that does not crash at the end.

Proper storage of this beverage is important to keep the flavors intact. As a golden rule, do not store your tea in your spice cabinets or tea coffee. Ideally one must store tea away from strong completing aromas. Creating your tea corner in the kitchen away from strong aromas, in a dry space, is a great place to store this beverage

Timing is everything!
Steeping time is crucial to perfect a well-balanced cup of tea. Ideally, the steeping time of your tea varies with the kind of tea you choose. For instance, black tea requires a steeping time of 3-5 minutes only while green tea only needs 1-2  minutes of steep time. 

Have tea before a meal
It is a great idea to consume tea before having your meal. Ideally, you must wait for 20-30 mins before eating. Having tea right after eating may not be a good idea as the nutrients in your food may not get well absorbed by your body. Instead, grab a cup before your meal! This not only curbs the risk of discomfort but also helps to suppress binge eating.
By Arshiya Ahamed