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Fighting off your food temptation this festive season? We’ve got you covered!


The festivals are here and so is the excitement. The excitement of the familiar aromas from the kitchen and of course the packets of sweets and snacks piling up. The last quarter of the year is somehow the most exhilarating! However among all this joy, it is important to make peace with food and fight off your temptations and enjoy the festive season without having to worry about feeling guilty the next morning.  

Hey, don’t get us wrong! We are not here to preach. We are going to be heading to the kitchens too but how about choosing the right food and consuming it in the right quantity and at the right time? There are a lot of hacks that can help you fight your food temptation in the coming months. We’ve chosen the top ten for you. So go ahead and makes notes!

Make up your mind! – Right at the start of the festive season make up your mind of enjoying yourself but not going overboard with the eating. Well, easier said than done right? But hey take that first step and set your intentions right at the beginning.

Diet? Hell no! – Lets steer away from this word, shall we? Festive seasons are meant to be enjoyed and diets are found to induce stress. That’s the last thing we want; stress during the holidays! Restricting food you love will make you crave for it even more. So don’t completely leave them out. Choose healthier alternatives or the right quantities.

Water/Juices are your best friend – Staying hydrated is key to being in your full spirits throughout the festive season. Teas, coffees and juices- everything counts. Do not confuse your thirst with hunger. Keeping yourself well hydrated is permanent – festival or no festival.

Switch to fruits - We totally understand your craving for sugar. But why not try to consume natural sugar? Fruits and fruit munchies can totally save your sugar rush and it can also improve your mood just like chocolate.

Slow and steady wins the race - Meals are going to be more elaborate and wholesome. But it’s also important that your savour each morsel. Work can wait. Take 20 minutes out for each meal and avoid gulping food down because that way you will end up eating more. Also; did we tell you? Stay away from your phone/TV while eating! You will lose track of what and how much food you are putting in your mouth.

Get an eating buddy – Eating especially during the festive season is a social thing. So get someone close to you, join the journey of eating mindfully.  When you have someone share a journey with you, it’s much easier to fight off your temptation. Plus you can motivate each other to watch your intake.

Impulse buying? We’d rather you don’t - Stick to a list when you go food shopping. Fight that temptation of picking up the last thing you see on the shelf. You are stronger than you know.

Stay occupied – The more idle your mind, the more you’ll turn to food for a distraction. Keep yourself busy and occupied to avoid eating just because you are bored. And come on – like your desi mom is going to let you sit idle. (*wink*)

Build a relationship with food – Do not hate food. Do not make impulsive decisions like “Oh, I am giving up sugar today” or “I am done with eating sweets”.  Invest in a healthy relationship with food that will make you feel better; both physically and mentally.

 DO NOT FORGET TO ENJOY – We are going to swear by this one. Celebrate yourself, your body and mind and do not forget to enjoy to the fullest. No guilt is allowed this festive season. So go ahead and treat yourself to that small piece of mithai.

We hope you’ve made notes, we hope you’ll fight that temptation off and we hope you stay with us in this journey of eating right.