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Tea vs Coffee: Healthy beverages to get you through the day


We are all too familiar with the battle of which beverage is better for us; tea or coffee. It often boils down to the taste and health benefits. But what if we told you, you do not have to pick one! Both coffee and tea, although so diverse, have their own set of health benefits that should convince you to start sipping on these beverages regularly for a healthy lifestyle.

While coffee lovers will defend their choices, the tea enthusiasts won’t be left behind. However to help you make an informed choice, we are here to give you an unbiased view on how good these beverages are for you.

Taste: Well, there are a lot of debates on which tastes better. Coffee tends to bitter and stronger than tea. It’s a taste that you have to develop over time and once you start liking it, there is no turning back.  Coffee is slightly more acidic in nature and hence you should make sure you consume it in the right quantity.

Tea on the other hand depends on the flavours and from where it’s coming. You have way too many flavour options if you are a tea person. The taste of tea ranges from earthy, to fruity, minty as well as citrusy. Oh, you have floral teas too! The list is long.

Health Benefits: Both the beverages have their own benefits. Coffee is known to increase physical performance by 12% approximately. Caffeine raises the level adrenaline in your body thereby keeping you energised throughout the day. It helps you get through long periods of activity. Coffee is also contains natural vitamins like B. They help in fighting cold and viruses.

The benefits of tea are well known. They lower the risk of neurological diseases while as well as cancer through the various anti-oxidants present in it. Green tea especially, is known to speed up metabolism often resulting in losing of weight. Some teas are also known to lower high blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

 Flavours: While ardent coffee fans will argue that original coffee is the best, the market today has plenty of options for you if you want to indulge in rich coffee. Right from mocha, to espresso, to brewed coffee, and latte, the list is endless.

Tea lovers again have a strong argument when it comes to flavours. Chamomile, Caramel, Cinnamon, Ginger, Blueberry, Chocolate. We can go on and on as there are more than 20,000 different teas in the world. So you’ve got plenty to choose from.

In the end, we leave the choice up to you. It largely depends on your taste and the outcomes you desire. If you are a coffee lover, so be it and if you live on chai, that’s great! You can also love both, no one is stopping you. However, the important thing to remember is consuming beverages in the right quantity.  Too much of any beverage can do more harm than good. So sip on your chai or your cup of coffee and watch what wonders it can do for you and your body.