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About Reyfeber

Reyfeber is an online marketplace for all things related to healthy eating. With an aim to revolutionise healthy snacking in India, Reyfeber brings together brands that deliver healthy but tasty food to your doorstep. Founded with a passion to help consumers embark and sustain on the journey of healthy eating, the e-commerce marketplace is a one stop shop for all your healthy eating needs.

Our Story

While we began working from home, we realised how sedentary our lifestyles had become. Our routine included; Wake up, work, grab some meals in between, work and then go to sleep. Living this life day in and day out, pushed us to search for a healthier alternative that could fit into our fast paced lifestyle. Since we did not have the time to make elaborate healthy meals or exercise regularly, we started looking for healthier substitutes of food that could help us begin that journey of a healthy lifestyle without making drastic changes to our routine.
And that’s how Reyfeber was born. Sitting across screens in three different cities, we chanced upon an idea to help fast paced consumers like us to explore the journey of healthy eating by taking baby steps into this vast world of eating right.

We decided to create a one stop platform for users to navigate this journey of a better lifestyle by adopting healthy eating/snacking habits and explore various local and national brands that are catering to this tasty yet healthy segment.
Yes, we are one among you! We too have eaten a bag of chips in one go and then felt guilty about it.
We too have indulged in deep fried snacks only to push ourselves to diet the next day. But we realised healthy eating doesn’t mean giving up on your food cravings. It just means making the right food choices and including it in your daily routine. So the next time you reach out to those deep fried chips, remember us and take a step with us into the journey of healthier alternatives and making healthy eating/snacking the new normal.