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Is your relationship with healthy eating complicated?


When we think of relationships especially with food, we immediately think of it as complicated thanks to the diet cultures that are prevalent today. Counting calories after eating anything or following the new diet trends to fit into the ideal body image, puts our relationship with food under immense pressure. But does it really have to be complicated?

We don’t think so. If you have begun this journey of healthy eating and are now thinking twice whether or not you would like to stay committed to it, you have come to the right place. Read on to know that a relationship with food doesn’t have to be strained or complicated. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, nurturing a healthy relationship with food is absolutely necessary. And we do not mean giving up on your favourite food. We mean choosing the right kind of food that will satisfy your emotional, mental and physical needs.

Food is often associated with emotional feelings and I’m sure just like us, you’ve also sat down with a tub of ice cream when you were feeling low. Studies have shown that switching to healthier options of food increases your emotional and mental wellbeing part from just its physical benefits.

Here’s how; snacking or munching on healthy food keeps your energy up and helps prevent swings in blood sugar levels therefore controlling your mood swings and cravings. Healthy eating is also associated with decreased stress, increased positivity and boost in overall performance throughout the day. If you are looking to stop yourself from binge-eating, try exploring healthier substitutes as they leave you feeling full and content and pushing you to stop reaching out to junk food every now and then. Apart from giving a boost to mental health, healthy eating also improves concentration and balances out your neurochemicals which is why people who eat healthy are mostly more relaxed than those you don’t.  

If the above reasons do not convince you to give this relationship with healthy food a chance, we have a few more. Healthy eating is a great source of proteins, fibres and vitamins that are needed to keep your body well oiled. You don’t have to make elaborate lunches and dinners to eat healthy. You can resort to quick healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day. This change in lifestyle can do wonders for your body by decreasing the risks of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

While we have laid out a list of reasons that should encourage you to give this a try, the choice is yours. The choice to move to a healthier relationship with food and indulge in both health and taste is totally up to you. This relationship does not have to be complex. Embrace this change in lifestyle and take the next step towards the journey of healthy eating. Stay tuned to see how relationships with healthy eating are taking the world by storm and how you can be a part of this revolution.