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Five Foods to avoid for your Kids


As mothers, it’s true that we only want the best for our little ones. As appealing as it may be to include all the tasty treats in your kids' diet, there are a few things you should stay clear of, especially when your child has just started eating solid foods. Some foods can be potential choking hazards while others might not be well suited for the little one’s diet. 
An important thing to note is that even if the quality of food is good, under-cooked or ill-prepared food can trigger health issues for the kids. Moreover, a few bad combinations of food can also lead to indigestion and other hazards. A lot of things go well together- Tom & Jerry, Black & White, but when it comes to food, one should be extra cautious of giving your kids the best combinations of food.
Let’s take a quick look at the 5 foods you should stay clear of, for your kids:

It is surprising, isn't it? As yummy and popular as it may be honey is considered a major no-no for your infants. Although harmless to adults, the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum’s spores found in honey can cause infant botulism in children under the age of one. This sickness can lead to further discomfort, constipation, and dehydration.

Cow’s Milk:
Cow’s milk is great for older children, but babies under the age of one should stay clear of this milk. This is because cow’s milk is difficult to digest while the baby is still growing and developing. Furthermore essential nutrients such as Vitamin E and iron are absent from this milk. It is best recommended by doctors to feed the children breast milk or formula.

Foods with sugar
While children thoroughly enjoy sugary treats, it is important to limit the source of sugar they get from chocolates and hard candies. These foods often contain caffeine and extremely high sugar content which is harmful to the child.
Instead try replacing these treats with natural sources of sugar found in fruits such as bananas, mangoes apples, etc.

Unpasteurized Foods
While it may seem obvious, it is important to reiterate the importance of properly cooked foods. You should avoid giving your children undercooked/ raw foods. These undercooked foods contain dangerous bacteria, which can ultimately lead to infections and diseases.
White bread
White loaves of bread and maida, whilst tasty are not the ideal healthy choice for your kids. Instead, you can make the switch to whole grains. Whole grains are rich in fiber and help to regulate the blood sugar level. So remember to choose 100% whole grain products, even for your portions of pasta, cereals, and slices of bread. Furthermore, cultivating this habit at a young age will help your child to make intelligent food choices when they grow up.