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Still confused about your relationship with healthy eating?


“My work hours are taking up most of my time and I have no time to myself”

“I have been binge-eating junk food since the time I started working remotely.”

“I have no time to exercise or eat healthy food”

“I know I have to start eating healthy but I don’t know how to start”

Does all of this sound familiar? Well, guess what? You and a million other people feel the same way. The importance of healthy eating cannot be more stressed on, especially today. People today are making conscious efforts to switch to healthier foods and enhance their well-being and lifestyles.

Let’s say, healthy eating is like dating a person. Just like you would go out on a few dates to understand a person, you must try out healthy eating for a few days or even weeks to be able to understand how it helps and impacts your body. It could turn out to be fun just like those dates! Then, if you like the person, you slowly start opening up to him/her about yourself. Similarly, it would be great to have an open mind to healthy eating and understanding the needs of your body and indulging in it accordingly. Like a healthy relationship that leaves you happy and content, healthy eating too could have positive effects on both your mind and body.

But wait, all this is easier said than done. Are you still confused about healthy eating and whether it is right for you? Are you wondering if a relationship with healthy eating will help you in the long –run? Are you in two minds to commit to your relationship to healthy eating?

Well, read on to know that you are not alone in this. Work from home has definitely taken a toll on everyone’s physical and mental health. Long work hours, stressful lives, no time to exercise and eat healthy are some of the characteristics that are defining our lifestyles today.

While we understand the need to change our lifestyle, the process of getting started requires effort and commitment.  What you need is a small push to help you embark on the journey of healthy eating and what better than understanding how this relationship with healthy eating will work in your favour in the long term.

There are some myths regarding healthy eating and some of them include; “Only vegetables are fruits are considered healthy” or “Everything packaged is harmful to the body”.  These conversations could leave you wondering if you should be letting go of all your favourite foods if you want to begin healthy eating. The good news is, NO! There are ways to eat right while also satisfying your taste buds and cravings. Luckily today, there are various healthier substitutes to oily, calorie-filled foods. Eating right and healthy is a conscious choice of the quality, quantity and the type of food that you intake.

So it is time for you to take the first step to healthy eating and discover a whole new world of possibilities that will leave you healthy, happy and fit. Stay tuned to know how to begin this relationship of healthy eating and staying committed to it.