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Thirsty? 6 Beverages you can sip on while you binge watch Netflix


Imagine this! You are glued to the TV watching Netflix, completely engrossed in some show. You suddenly feel thirsty and you reach out to a can of some sugary drink! STOP! Stop right there!

Before you take that step, explore these healthy beverages that you can sip on. While you watch your favourite show, this will help you watch your health!

Teas – Loaded with antioxidants, teas are a great beverage for your body. It helps improve brain function, reduces risk of heart ailments and also protects your bones. There are so many interesting flavours of teas that are available in the market. From chamomile, to amla to lemongrass and green tea find something that you will suit your tastebuds while taking care of your health.

Kombucha – This beverage is a rage right now and for all the right reasons. Kombucha is a fermented drink made with bacteria, yeast and is often mixed with tea. It is proven to have health benefits like strengthening the immune system, improved digestion and metabolism! When consumed in the right quantities, kombuchas can be your go to beverage if health is on your mind. Pick from a variety of flavours like rose, aloe vera, mint, lemon, ginger. Oh, this list is endless!

Coffee – There is a common myth that coffee is unhealthy. Nope! When consumed in moderation, coffee can prove to beneficial to both your mood and health. If you are tried of yelling at the screen, then coffee will definitely energize you. Coffee can help you process glucose better and can also help you burn fat. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing flavours. Go ahead and explore tried and tasted flavours like expresso or indulge in some new flavours like choco orange, peach, citrus, etc.

Smoothies – We cannot stress enough on how healthy and tasty smoothies. Made with a mix of fresh or frozen fruits, smoothies will, without even your knowledge, help enhance your vitamins, nutrients, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It is super easy to make smoothies at home and barely needs five minutes if you have all the ingredients ready. What is also interesting is that you can now buy frozen DYI smoothies that come in a variety of flavours All you have to is, blend it with a mixer of your choice and enjoy. There are some great gluten-smoothies that you can try too.

Natural Juices – No we do not mean the sugary drinks or sodas. We mean juices that taste so good that you will forget reaching out to aerated drinks to quench your thirst. Where do we begin on the list of choices you can explore? Aloe Vera, Jamun, Sugarcane , Aam Panna. We can go on and on! These juices boost your immunity while being low calorie. Most of these juices come without any added sugar and chemicals. You’ve got taste and health packed in a bottle!

Mocktails – Mocktails and healthy? Yeah, we are not kidding. If you really want to set the mood with some mocktails, why not opt for healthier ones. There are options of mocktails with no added colour, sugar or even preservatives. Made with natural ingredients, this is great way to indulge your tastebuds without drowning your system in sugar or soda.

 If you are craving for something more than water, opt for these healthy and nutritious drinks. With time, you might even get into a healthy habit of consuming these beverages regularly and your body will definitely thank you for it.