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‘Snacking Lingo’ you need to catch up with!


‘You are a snacc!’

We bet you’ve heard that before. Internet slang can sometimes become a part of your daily routine. These words can creep into your day to day vocabulary and leave you ‘woke’. We know that was ‘extra’, but you get the drift right?  While day to day millennial slang is something that has caught up fast, did you know that there are a separate set of slang words just for snacking? Yeah we were ‘shook’ too!

If you are a millennial you probably know these terms, but if you don’t it’s time to catch up with them. We are sure as hell know these words are here to stay. So read on as we wouldn’t want any of you feeling left out in a cool conversation about snacks!

We have been stuck at home for so long that we forget what a vacation feels like, but hey how do you feel about going on a snackation? Yes you heard us right. A snackation is basically a vacation where you devour and enjoy an abnormal amount of snacks. We would definitely enjoy this one provided it’s healthy!

The next word is something that we are all guilty off. How many times have you been snackused? Well, a snackusation is an act of accusing someone of secretly eating a snack before a meal. Man, this word will definitely get us into trouble.

Don’t feel like just eating the chips? Need some more variety of snacks for that upcoming party of yours? Well, then the next word is just for you! Snacket is a combination of multiple snacks combined in one package for ease of choice and variety. Sounds like we are all going to need a snacket soon.

Remember those times when you were so satisfied after eating some delicious and tasty snacks? How snackisfied were you? The feeling of being satisfied after eating scrumptious snacks is called snackisfaction and we can’t wait for you to feel that way again.

Planning to binge watch a series tonight? What’s a binge-watch night without some snacks? Prepare yourself for a snackle-night where you carefully plan, prepare, wait and indulge in snacks while watching a movie/series. This one sounds too familiar and relatable and is probably our only respite in these hard times.

While there are many more, we want to leave you with our favourite one. Do you have that one favourite snack that you prefer over all the others? A snack that you could go back to no matter what mood you are in? Well, that’s a snackum. The best of the best snacks for you! We sincerely hope you find your snackum here.

These millennial words can feature in your daily conversations and routine but wouldn’t it be great to make healthy snacking also a part of your daily schedule. Stay tuned to take step into the world of healthy snacking. Until then, TTYL!