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Healthy staples that are a must-have in your kitchen


We all sometimes do feel that cooking is more of a chore than a satiating experience; likewise, eating is just consuming instead of savouring the food, don’t we? Well then, no more! It’s time to add life in your kitchen with top-notch products for all dine in cuisines which at the same time are perfect for your health-conscious play. It is now time to explore and redefine ingredients for your appetizers, power pack your meals with nutrients and indulge in healthy and tasty food that will have your taste buds thanking you.

Flours - Approximately 42% of our daily intake consists of flour which indeed can’t be ignored while talking about health. Whether it’s through wholesome meals or packaged food, flours are an integral part of our diet. Wholemeal flour supplies the largest proportion of nutrients that are vital and can’t be produced by our body in sufficient amounts for our needs to insure healthy growth. There are plenty of newer and healthier versions of the refined flour that you can work with; cheela mixes, besan, vegetable flours, fabric rich oat flour that are ideal for your breakfast, lunch and evening meals.

Oils - Ever wondered if you’re a ‘good hearted’ person or not? Well, biologically balanced cholesterol level is defined as a good heart. The quality of oils which we use has a major contribution in cholesterol management in our blood stream. Refined oils can now be replaced with more wholesome oils like cold pressed oils, sunflower seed oils, coconut oils, almond oils, etc. These not only protect your system but also help your body in maintaining the right nutrient levels. Switch to healthy oils and simultaneously switch to a healthy heart – ‘Don’t let the beat drop’!


Ghee-  Fats hold a culprit’s profile when it comes to health and diet but in factual world fatty food is extremely mandatory for absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. Ghee- tagged as a ‘nutritional powerhouse’ is plentiful of fats (99.9%) and vitamin A, D, E & K. Ghee will prove a best friend to your immune system provided you choose the right one. You now have a range of options right from hand churned ghees to the bilona ghee.

Sweeteners - In spite of the fact that glucose is the foremost source of energy there are heaps of misconceptions about sweets. Don’t let the labels fool you. Indulge in options that will soothe your sweet tooth without any risk factor. Switch to jaggery or even honey to continue living the sweet life without adversely affecting your body. You’ll be surprised to know that you know even have the options of flavoured honey. Yeah, well who thought having healthier alternatives to sugar could be this easy.

Spices - Spices are renowned amongst one of the best features of a region due to their flavours but what we fail to remember is they are not just valued for the signature essence; rich in phytochemicals (healthful plant chemicals) i.e. anti-allergic and curative properties. The aroma of spices can simply affect our positive hormones. So, pick your serotonin boost for the season. Right form your salts, to chilli powders, to garlic powders and more, instantly take your dish to the next level with these pure, organic spices.

If you are someone who enjoys cooking but are wondering what to include to make it healthy, you’ve reached the right place. All the elaborate diets and fancy ingredients aren’t necessary. Just rediscover your kitchen and you’ll find you can do so much more for your health and taste with these alternatives.