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Oats vs Muesli – Healthy breakfast options that you can start you day with


Have you ever wondered looking at the various healthy breakfast options available, whether you should dive into a bowl full of oats or is muesli the way to go? If you are confused about what you should be eating to have a perfect start to the day, worry not. We are here to break it down for you. Whether its oats or muesli, both of them have their own nutritional values, taste, and ingredients that will not only fill you up but also leave you energised for the day.

Composition: Let’s first understand the difference between oats and muesli. Oats is a gluten-free whole grain that is then processed into flakes, whereas muesli is a combination of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and oats! Most of the muesli options in the market contain oats.

Nutritional Values: While both these breakfast options are rich in nutrients, oats by itself contains proteins and fibre that is good for the body. Oats has a well-balanced nutritional composition.  Muesli on the other hand has a higher content of protein and fibre due to the added ingredients in it (it has the goodness of nuts, seeds and dried fruits too!) If you really do want to dig into something healthy, look for muesli without sugar.

Benefits – The list here is long. Both these options have benefits that will help you make the right choice of breakfast. Oats are rich in fibre that will help you lower cholesterol levels as well as stabilize your sugar levels. It’s low in calories thereby keeping you full for a longer period (which means you will not over ear unnecessarily!)

Muesli has no reasons to be left behind. It is rich in fibre that helps regulate the digestive system while also keeping a check on your weight. It contains nut and seeds that are a great source of anti-oxidants and omega acids.

Taste – Since muesli has added ingredients, it definitely tastes better and brings in a variety of flavour. But oats can be combined with other ingredients too, as oats by itself can be a little bland.

Versions – Oats is now found in so many other snacks like cookies, granola bars, baked goods, etc. SO you can indulge in any of these without feeling guilty. Muesli, similarly has been found to be consumed the most with milk and yogurt both of which are tasty and healthy.

So whatever you decide to eat, oats or muesli; remember to make sure you compliment it with other healthy ingredients to satisfy both your taste buds as well as your body’s need for nutrients. If you are wondering which of these is better to lose weight, think again! The goal is to inculcate the habit of clean eating in your daily routine and not make healthy eating a goal oriented exercise.

Small steps to a better you!