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Five trends that will redefine your snacking experience in the future


Snacking is a way of life and whether it’s a home party or just you curling up to watch a movie, snacks is an integral part of our daily routine. Work from home has further increased our indulgence in ready to eat, quick snacks leaving us wanting for more. But, before you reach out to the bag of chips lying on the table, take a look at few of the trends that are redefining and revolutionising the snacking culture in India especially post the pandemic.

Snacks = Mini Meals: Mini meals are now a huge trend where consumers are swapping large meals for more frequent smaller snack meals. A study shows that Indians are increasingly snacking a lot more than they did a year ago. Well, it could be the WFH effect or just a conscious effort to switch to smaller meal replacements, this trend is true across countries. Often termed as habitual snackers, Indians consume more than 2.50 snacks a day and usually snack at the same time every day.

We want more! : Move over from just cookies and chips. Preferences today have gone up from just on-the-go dry snacks to looking for new flavours and new items. Gone are the days when parties only had a bagful of chips. Consumers today have moved to smart snacking and are indulging in newer delicacies and flavours. From snack bars to cereals, the range of products has grown multi-fold over the past few years leaving you with a wider variety to choose from.

Healthy Snacking- Is that even true? : Well yes it is! You thought that snacking only resulted in harmful effects on your body? Not anymore. Healthy snacking is one of the biggest snacking trend in 2020 with consumers moving towards healthier substitutes of otherwise harmful snacks. The pandemic has shifted priorities of people who are now putting their wellbeing before anything else. You must have heard of newer categories like vegetable chips (and we don’t mean just potato) protein and energy bars, healthy cereals or even Keto food that are taking the industry by storm. It’s not a bad idea to indulge in taste while taking care of your health.

Vocal for Local – The vocal for local campaign applies to the snacking industry as well.  There has been a tremendous rise in the number of Indian brands that were formed to satisfy the cravings of Indian consumers. From snacks to bars and more, these home grown brands provide a vast range of products that consumers are more than willing to try. So if you haven’t explored our local brands, now is the time!

Cultural and Nostalgic Snacking? Hell yeah! – Snacks that help you identify who you are and define your culture have found a separate fan base in the country. Indians are said to be the largest cultural snackers and are indulging in foods that help them connect with their cultures. Oh wait, do you remember the snacks at your 5th birthday party? If you got the chance to relish that again, you would right? Nostalgic snacking is also big in India and is continuing to grow but of course with twists and innovations.

So watch out for these trends and adapt to them to be a part of the snacking revolution that India is currently leading.