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5 Myths About Late-Night Snacking


Midnight clock strikes; just finished binge-watching a show; about to sleep but there rings the hunger pangs. 12 O clock and snacks! What a match. Usually, when this happens we often tend to remember the age old talks about eating late at night. Some of the most famous ones are included in this article. So if you are someone who usually feels hungry during the night, this is a sigh of relief for you. Today we are busting myths about late-night snacking.

Mid-night snacking doesn’t involve cooking : Mid night snacking always came with a notion of grabbing what’s easiest to get hold of and munching until satisfaction. But if you take a little more effort into making your own snack, you would save on a lot of trouble already.It’s okay to light the kitchen stove at 2 am or grind the mixie to prepare a healthy smoothie. Making a snack in the kitchen will not only cost you less, but would also probably be healthier than most options.

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Any Foods Eaten Late at Night are Stored as Fat: Well it’s not completely wrong. Just like with weight gain, not all foods automatically add those pounds to your body overnight. For the most part, foods that are healthy or low in fat will not be stored as such when eaten late at night. To make sure this remains a myth, snacking on fruit or veggies when late night eating will ensure you stay trim or lean.

Eating late at night increases your weight: Addressing the elephant in the room and the biggest myth about late night snacking.Here’s what the myth is about. When you eat at night, owing to low body movement the extra calories which you have consumes does not spend in the form of energy, rather takes the form of fat making you obese.

Everybody’s said that! There are thousand more articles about how eating late at night will increase your weight with the scientific justification that also sounds logical. But recent studies have found out that there is no relation between eating late and body weight. Your body digests food as well during the night as it does in the daytime. Where it is advisable to eat within limits, if you eat any more than your normal digestion capacity, you would naturally accumulate fats. But only if you eat enough to satisfy your hunger, preferably that food which is healthy and nutritious, then you are good to go.

Your metabolism slows down during the night: Studies show that there is no effect on body metabolism during the night. Your digestion is still on track just like it would be during the day. If you have a slower metabolism, it would be as difficult to digest food at night as it is during the day. Not just that, one's mind is active at night too. That’s why it wanders through imagination causing dreams that symbolise things happening in your life.

Any snack is a midnight snack: When we crave for food, we don't really think if we should be eating a certain food or not. We rather panic about what’s available to eat and are most likely to grab the first edible thing we can find. In such instances, we ignore what we are eating.

There are certain foods that you should and should not eat during the nights. Not all foods are apt for mid night snacking. Foods with high calories should not be on the list. Go for foods which are easy to digest like fresh produce, whole grains, lean meats, or fiber filled foods. Opting for cake and chocolates is not the apt choice. Sugary foods add weight irrespective of when you eat them. Also avoid coffee as it might keep you awake at night.

Usually you feel hungry in the night when you are deficient in calories during the day. If in order to make up for this deficiency, if you eat high calorie food, you would harm yourself. On the other hand, studies show that food with good calories is suggested to be consumed before sleeping as they help with muscle growth. Taking that protein shake before bed might not be that bad after all.

Your night’s sleep quality largely depends on what you eat before you sleep. Sugary foods release hormones (cortisol) that block the key sleep hormones (Melatonin). These same hormones are released due to stress. So having a perfectly balanced meal for body and mind both is what leads to a good night’s sleep.

About the author

Aamer is a creative writer who is also a foodie and a travel junkie.