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Oats Flour & 100% Rolled Oats | Combo | 2 Pack Of Oats Flour | 1 Pack Of Rolled Oats | 300G Each (3X300=900G) | Weight Loss Cereal | Naturally Gluten Free

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Oats Flour:

100% Wholegrain and High-Fibre Flour: Made out of 100% Oats No wheat flour, No refined flour/ Maida, Naturally Gluten Free*
HEALTHY ATTA: From roti to parathas, pancakes to cookies, Granomaxx oats flour enhances the nutritional value of the food. Our Oat flour can be used to replace up to 20% of the flour in most baked goods for unique flavor and increased nutrition.
BABY FOOD: Oats flour/Atta can be incorporated in baby food.
POWER HOUSE OF NUTRIENTS: Granomaxx Oats Flour is rich in Protein, Antioxidants and loaded with Vitamins & essential Minerals. The Oats Flour is Freshly Packed in premium packaging to retain the freshness and attain higher shelf-life naturally.
Granomaxx Oats Flour is freshly milled in small batches to retain its freshness.
100 Percent oats
Country of Origin: India
HEALTH BENEFITS: Reduces the chances of Cardiovascular Diseases and since it is High in Fibre Prevents Constipation. Oats Flour Supports Weight Loss, Control Blood Sugar, Reduces Hypertension and Normalizes Skin’s PH.
This is 100% Vegetarian.

Rolled Oats:
3 MINITUES BREAKFAST CEREAL: Start your day the healthy way with goodness of oats.
In ½ a cup of cooked rolled oats add your favourite fruits, seeds and nuts.

YOUR HAERTS BEST-FRIEND: Rich in omega-3, beta-glucans & low in fat makes it good for your heart.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENTS: Rolled Oats consists of dietary fibres in high quantity, which makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time thus it helps in weight loss.

NO CHEMICALS: No preservatives, No gluten, No added sugar and No chemicals. Just good, clean Rolled oats perfect for healthy meals.

DUST FREE: We try our level best to give you the best quality rolled oats.

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Oats Flour:
Oats flour has so many uses in cooking. It can used as sauce or gravy thickener, giving it creamier texture. It can also be added to various flours to create baked food or traditional Indian food. But above all, incorporating oat flour into your regular diet can help boost your health.

Health Benefits of Oat Flour:
Maintain Healthy Weight:
Rich in fibre and protein, oat flour can help you feel full for longer. This means that you can avoid unnecessary snacking and maintain a healthy weight.

Helps lower the bad cholesterol:
Oats flour contains beta-glucans, which helps lower bad cholesterol. Beta-glucan is an extremely glutinous soluble fibre, so when it travels along your small intestine, it curbs the absorption of bad cholesterol.

Beneficial for Diabetics:
As oats flour has a lower glycemic index, it is beneficial to diabetic in controlling blood glucose levels.

Oats flour is a good source of long-term energy. It can also help regulate digestion.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.
Shelf Life: Best Before – 12 months from Date of Packaging.
Usage: A healthy alternative to wheat flour Great for making pancakes and muffins Add a tablespoon or two for thickening your soups and gravies
Speciality: Naturally Gluten Free

Rolled Oats:
Granomaxx rolled oats are powerpack of nutrients.

Rolled oats helps in fat loss, plus they manage the blood sugar levels and the blood pressure. They also keep one full for longer hours and are perfect food for our heart.

Granomaxx rolled oats are easy to cook and can be added in number of dishes.

Overnight Soaked Oats:

1/3 cup Granomaxx rolled oats
2 teaspoons of Jaggery powder or honey (optional)
2/3 cup of water/ almond milk/ coconut milk/ milk/ yogurt
½ tablespoon chia seeds (optional) – soak in ¼ cup of water
½ cup chopped mix fruits of your choice – apple, banana, berries, mango etc
2 tablespoon of chopped nuts – almonds, walnuts, cashews or pistachios

Take rolled oats in a bowl           
Add jaggery or honey (optional)
Add water or yogurt or milk of your choice.
Stir and mix well.
Add chia seeds (optional). Cover and refrigerate.
Next morning add fruits and top it up with nuts.
Enjoy wholesome gut friendly overnight soaked oats.

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