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Lisa Johnson Dietician and Nutrition Coach

07676810462 foodcapsuleorg@gmail.com


Lisa Johnson, is a 26-year-old Entrepreneur, Certified Dietitian, Nutrition Coach, Founder and CEO of Food Capsule, an Online Nutrition Counselling platform that provides people with customised, affordable and tailor-made nutrition plans according to their requirements.

Our Vision: We wanted to bring a healthy change into people’s lifestyle. Wanted to create a company that mirrored the values of mindful, sustainable and balanced eating but also making sure it was easy, accessible, and affordable for the people.

Our approach towards making clean eating the norm isn’t just it, we are also proactive towards spreading awareness about better health, educating people about nutrition and food. The knowledge of eating right, finding a balance and working out is the core foundation principle followed at Food Capsule.

Lisa, with her unique combination of holistic and clinical experience ties an alternative approach to modern nutrition coaching and has been providing nutritional counselling for more than four years now, and have helped her clients with meal planning, weight concerns, eating disorders, digestive issues, sports nutrition, medical condition, and most importantly to make a positive life-long mindful and eating and exercise behavioural changes.

Area of Expertise

Nutrition, Food Science, Health and Wellness

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