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PMF Scoring

Plan My Food comes in – using proprietary AI algos, PMF rates your favourite Quinoa, or Cereal or Oil, uncovers hidden carcinogens and recommends healthier alternatives based on your health goals, lifestyle and dietary preferences!

4 Years to be precise. Millions of hours of research, store and nutritionist visits, doctor consultations, math and statistics refresher courses, and technology malfunctions to enable us to create multiple proprietary algorithms that break down each product to the molecular level, analyse the quality and nutritional value of each ingredient and compare how well they match your unique needs.

MY PMF Score, between 0 and 100 that is colour-coded

(1 to 19)  (20 to 39)  (40 to 69)  (70 to 100)

pmf image pmf image pmf image pmf image

All the research has been done by a team comprising of Registered Dieticians, Doctors, and Nutritionists adhering to the strict global standards and benchmarks laid down by Government Organizations.

PMF Scores are generated by analyzing multiple dimensions of two key elements – the Nutrition Value and Quality of ALL its Ingredients.

The higher the score and the more filled the triangle, the better the product is for you.