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Fit n Flex Granola is a new-age brand that offers consumers healthy eating options. What we assure is not only the daily fix of nourishment but also we make sure that you relish every bite of it.

There?s a reason why Fit & Flex Granola is so scrumptious and delightfully crunchy. The actual secret lies in the method. We slow bake our granola, which not only makes it crispy to munch but also ensures, that the oats are completely cooked and fuller in flavor.

Nutritional Value of Granola

Every 100 Gms of Fit & Flex Granola contains 9 Gms of Oligofructose (Dietary Fiber) that is a source of Prebiotic Fiber.

Why Choose Baked Granola?

We want our customers to be inspired by Fit & Flex and live better, more wholesome lives that are essence-fully boosted by the goodness of granola.

Our products are wholesome and delicious and we make them from the finest quality of ingredients to encourage societies to make mindful choices, despite their eventful and demanding lives.

  • It contains wholesome and delicious ingredients
  • Every bite is flavorful
  • It completes your daily nutrition requirement
  • Absolutely healthy


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Fit & Flex Granola- Mango Coconut

₹ 259.00 - ₹ 419.00 ₹ 259.00 - ₹ 419.00

Fit & Flex Granola- Happy Berries

₹ 259.00 - ₹ 419.00 ₹ 259.00 - ₹ 419.00