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True Elements Gluten Free Quinoa 500g - Quinoa for Weight Loss

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Highlights: AMINO ACID RICH: Consumption of this superfood in the form of breakfast food can help in strengthening your metabolism because of the presence of all the nine essential amino acids. HELPS WEIGHT LOSS: Ready to Cook Quinoa can help in losing weight, since Quinoa contains a high amount of fibre, keeping your stomach full for a longer time. It can avoid binge-eating, thus helping in weight management. IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Magnesium is essential for carrying out the proper functioning of enzymes. Hence, it can help in boosting your immunity due to magnesium present in it. SLOW AGEING: Due to the presence of iron, Quinoa may slow down the process of ageing and help in making you feel young. LOW CALORIE: Being low in calories, Ready to Cook Quinoa for Weight Loss might help in reducing the extra weight and avoid you from the intake of high calorie junk foods.

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Quinoa is a superfood jammed with many nutrients. It can be replaced in place of white rice for people who are on a strict diet. It is an ancient food, comprising of all essential nutrients and is healthy for any person.

True Elements Quinoa is naturally gluten-free, composed of a mixture of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, required by the body for carrying out the overall functioning of the human body. These are small White Quinoa Seeds which are power-packed with protein, containing about 20g of protein in 100g of serving and is a fantastic wheat-free alternative, providing all the nine essential amino acids.